Celebration XV’s Program

CP Cal is excited to present Celebration XV “Celebrating 15 Years” 2021 Conference Program!

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APRIL 23, 2021

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Morning Workshops

9:00am – 12:00pm

Workshop #1 – The Big Rocks: Preparing Parties for Settlement by Identifying Common High Level Shared Values and Goals 

In life, there is a temptation to sacrifice overarching principles and values for the minutia. To get as many rocks as possible into a container, one should start with the big rocks (basic principles) and then fill in with the smaller rocks (details and minutia). The same is true for negotiations. Learn how in this fun and interactive workshop.

Speakers: Shawn Weber, JD & Shawn D. Skillin, JD

9:00am – 12:00pm

Workshop #2 – “Whose Problem is it?”  – Understanding and Addressing the Issues Utilizing a Team Systems’ Approach

This is a panel presentation with professionals knowledgeable in chemical dependency and family systems; each with a specialized expertise in various aspects of Collaborative Practice and chemical dependency. The format will be presentations by each presenter followed by discussion and questions from the participants. The discussion items will include (a) What are our ethical obligations as Collaborative Practitioners to address active chemical dependency issues in this process? (b) What makes Collaborative Practice different in our obligations? (c) Creative strategies using team members to address client chemical dependency issues. (d) Utilizing a knowledge of a chemically dependent family structure to create opportunities to address these issues. (e) Specific team challenges (isomorphism or being inducted into the family system) in working with the chemically dependent family in a Collaborative process. Actual case experiences will be used as examples in the discussion.

Speakers: Nancy J. Ross, LCSW, BCD, Sharon Clark, PhD, & Bryan Nguyen, MFT

9:00am – 12:00pm

Workshop #3 –  Change Your Mindset: The Common Misbeliefs About Collaborative, and How to Bury Them and Get Busy 

Why isn’t your practice bursting with collaborative cases? Hint: it’s not any of the reasons you have been telling yourself up until now. Let’s change our minds, then work smarter on actionable steps to create the practice of our dreams.

Speaker: Beth Proudfoot, LMFT 

12:20pm – 1:05pm

Virtual Exhibit Hall

1:05pm – 3:05pm

Welcome and Kick-Off Plenary – Coaching From the Heart: Simple Ideas to Connect with People in Life-Changing Situations

Chris Hargrave is a professional snowboard coach who has worked with Olympic and X Games athletes like Shaun White, Toby Miller, and Hannah Teter. Having spent time working through, literally, life and death situations he truly gets the importance of coaching and working together as a team. As a child of divorce, he sees the connections between his coaching and our work with people going through divorce and custody challenges. Chris will share his experiences as he guides us through philosophies and methodologies to inspire and work with our collaborative teams. He finds purpose inspiring people to become stronger more empowered versions of themselves by seeing the strengths they possess and using those strengths to help others.

Speaker: Chris Hargrave 

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Workshop #4 – Bill and Mary: The Story Continues

Collaborative Online Webinar launched summer 2020 with the divorce of Bill and Mary. Watch their collaborative teams continue addressing unfinished issues using zoom.

Speakers: Jay-Jo Portanova, MD, Shawn Weber, JD, Beth Proudfoot, LMFT, Mark Hill, CFP, CDFA, Lissa Rapoport, JD, Tanya Prioste, JD, Chuck Amital, JD, MFT 

3:30pm – 5:00pm 

Workshop #5 – The Overlooked Value of the Child Specialist as a Family Focused Facilitator in Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Meetings

Child Specialists (CSs) when integrated as co-equals on the team can help bring warring couples to agreement. They glean a wealth of essential information about family dynamics, emotional triggers and hidden agendas. Lawyers, Financial Specialists and MHPs, will learn how innovatively employing CSs on Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Teams can clients toward agreement, while simultaneously improving cost efficiency.

Speakers: Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT, Bart J. Carey, JD, Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA®, MAFF®, & Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Workshop #6 – Saving the Golden Goose: Using CP to Save the Family Business

Explore how the Collaborative Process can be an effective method in reducing the impact of separation and divorce on family-run businesses. This process seeks to ensure that the business remains viable for both spouses, as well as future generations.

Speaker: Carrie Heinzl, CDFA®

5:15pm – 6:00pm

Virtual Exhibit Hall
Conference of Delegates 

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Dine Arounds 1-5

7:15pm – 8:15pm

Dine Arounds 6-10



APRIL 24, 2021

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Morning Workshops

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #7 – Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce 

As the divorce rate for adults 50 and older soars, so too, does the number of adult children experiencing parental divorce. These usually ignored major stakeholders in their parents’ divorce range in age from 18 – 50+. Their feelings and experiences of shock, and fear from sudden, dramatic change are real, valid, and generally dismissed. Key mistakes can damage parent-child relationships severely. You will learn valuable information to help your clients and their adult children protect their post-divorce family going forward.

Speakers: Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT & Bruce Fredenburg, LMFT

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #8 – Tax Update including The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) and Family Law

Tax laws continue to change impacting tax related divorce decisions.  This update will include the new federal alimony rules and the transition to them. Learn when a pre-2019 order comes under the new rules and when the new alimony rules (not deductible and not taxable) may result in more net income for the family. Dissomaster input including new CA itemized deduction adjustment and qualified business income (QBI) deduction tab will be covered, along with a review of the federal and CA differences. 

Speakers: Beverly Brautigam, CPA, MBA in Taxation, PFS & Hal Bartholomew, CFLS®, Fellow AAML

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #9 – The Elephant in the Room: Bankruptcy and Divorce – What Else Could Go Wrong?

What do you do when your client comes to you with a lot of debt? Do you know what to look for, who can help, and what options are available? This session is designed to cover an overview of debt and bankruptcy within the divorce process, while providing practical solutions to get your clients moving along to resolving these issues.

Speaker: Jen Lee, JD, MBA

10:40am – 11:10am

Wellness Break

11:20am – 1:30pm

Plenary- Roll with it: Recognizing and Responding to Resistance

Resistance to change comes up in our work often. As clients discover they must make changes avoidance, defensiveness, or confrontation can occur. Recognizing resistant behavior and underlying motivations helps to
identify best approaches to responding to unwilling clients. Learning to “roll with resistance” effectively creates cooperation between professionals and clients for eliciting change and making agreements.

Speaker: Deborah Gilman

Afternoon Workshops

1:50pm to 3:20pm

Workshop #10 – Shifting Leadership to a Neutral Space in High Conflict Cases

In high conflict cases, when lawyers occupy a leadership role for the process as a whole, they naturally oscillate between facilitation and advocacy, breeding confusion and mistrust and further fanning flames of discord. Clients in fiery strife are best contained when lawyers hand leadership to the neutrals—the latter serving as extra ballast for a boat in stormy seas. This shift allows lawyers to advocate vigorously, albeit in a choreographed manner that satisfies client needs without engendering undue escalation.

Speakers: John Sobraske, LMHC, LMFT, Diana Deyo Ryan, Esq., & Donna Maier

1:50pm to 3:20pm

Workshop #11– Team Communication – What You Don’t Know Can Get You Sued

We regularly tell our clients that our process works because we are able to share information in a way that helps guide them to a lasting solution. But what happens when one team member decides the information received is irrelevant to the case or too personal to share? What should team members do if a member is behaving unethically? This program will raise team awareness and provide strategies when situations arise that put us at risk for professional censure or lawsuits.

Speakers: Alan Nobler JD, & Nancy Ross, LCSW

1:50pm to 3:20pm

Workshop #12  – How to Divide Public Plans from Discovery to Judgment Using Technology 

After this presentation, you will understand and identify key issues when dividing major public plans (e.g. federal plans, military plans, California public plans, in particular CalPERS and CalSTRS) and how to manage that pension division.

Speakers: Louise Nixon, QDRO Attorney & John Madden 

3:30pm to 4:15pm

Virtual Exhibit Hall

4:15pm to 5:30pm

Saturday Social Event – Details coming soon!


APRIL 25, 2021

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Morning Workshops

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #13 – Elder Care Mediation: Resolving Probate Disputes Through Supported and Collaborative Decision-Making

Family feud? High-conflict probate and trust dispute? A workshop on elder care mediation will demonstrate how a facilitative, team-based approach can resolve high-conflict in probate disputes involving elder decision-making, and result in more effective shared decision-making between family members and stakeholders.

Speaker: Sarah Gross, M.Ed., JD, LL,M.

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #14 – To Collaborate or Litigate? That is the Question. When are Consensual Dispute Resolution Options Appropriate?

Not all cases are appropriate for Consensual Dispute Resolution (CDR) processes. This program is designed to help CDR practitioners identify which cases are not appropriate for CDR processes. We will review case studies and identify high risk factors. Attendees will create a checklist and intake form to help screen cases for appropriateness and, thereby, increase the chances of a successful collaborative process.

Speakers: Diana L. Martinez, JD, Cathleen Collinsworth, CDFA®, MAFF®, Carol Hughes, PhD, LMFT, & Jaye-Jo Portanova, MD

9:00am – 10:30am

Workshop #15 –Beyond Collaborative, How Financial Neutral’s Can Enhance Mediation

This workshop seeks to educate newer and experienced financials on some of the “best practices” we have learned and to suggest protocols to ensure the highest quality of work standardized among the industry. Financial professionals, attorneys, and mental health professionals will benefit by knowing all the services financial professionals can provide, which can expedite collaborative, meditation or litigation when clients are better informed to make decisions. Additionally, intake and other forms will be shared with the attendees.

Speakers: Kathleen Faulkner, CDFA, IAR & Natalie Leininger, CDFA, CFP 

10:40am – 11:10am

Virtual Exhibit Hall

11:10am – 1:40pm

Plenary and Closing Ceremonies 


Speaker: Jarrett Green 

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Special Gatherings