Civil Collaborative Solutions

Civil Disputes: Your Choice is Civil Collaborative Practice

When you become involved in conducting business transactions, buying and selling property, working through employment or healthcare concerns, or negotiating neighborhood and community issues affecting you and your family, you may naturally have disagreements with the other parties involved in the process.

When these disagreements arise and you can’t work things out amicably with the other parties involved by yourselves, you need to find outside help. This generally involves hiring attorneys and perhaps other professionals, often resorting to adversarial litigation that can end up being expensive and time consuming.

This is not your only choice. You have another choice: employing the Collaborative Practice approach to settle civil matters.

Civil Collaborative Practice professionals including attorneys and financial advisors can work with you to establish a confidential problem solving approach with respect and privacy at the heart of the process.

Whether disputes center around business, real estate, healthcare, employment or construction, the Civil Collaborative approach provides you a path to reaching a mutually created and agreed upon settlement without litigation and without going to court.

What is Civil Collaborative Practice?

Civil Collaborative Practice professionals are dedicated to bringing peaceful resolution to your civil disputes involving business transactions, partnerships, employment, workplace harassment or discrimination, healthcare, property, real estate purchases and sales, construction defect, or homeowners associations.

By using a Collaborative Process instead of an adversarial process, you may be able to save time and money as opposed to going through the court system. The Collaborative Process addresses the needs of all parties involved and works through your disagreements to a mutual resolution without the negative impact of confrontation, all while preserving the privacy and dignity of the parties involved.

Collaborative Practice California is devoted to changing the culture of dispute resolution beyond family law applications. Civil Collaborative Practice can transform common disputes from an adversarial process to one of cooperation, respect and peaceful resolution.

Benefits of Working with Civil Collaborative Professionals For Your Civil Transactions and Disputes

  • You have the opportunity to tailor-make a resolution unique to your particular needs and interests.
  • You have the opportunity to “think out of the box” and create options in your own agreement or understanding, which may extend beyond the discretion of what a court-mandated decision from a judge can address.
  • You have the opportunity to save financial resources that would otherwise be spent on the traditional court-mandated process through use of informal conferences instead of through adversarial depositions, interrogatories and endless court appearances.
  • You have the opportunity to preserve your privacy instead of hashing out your dispute in public, to the long-term benefit of your business assets and personal well-being.
  • You have the opportunity to maintain your professional and personal reputation.
  • You have the opportunity to maintain working and family relationships.

Areas of Practice

In California, there is a small group of attorneys, certified mental health professionals and financial specialists trained in the collaborative dispute resolution process to help you resolve civil legal matters in a respectful environment without the stress and expense of going to court, helping preserve business and personal relationships.

Business disputes

  • Purchase and Sale
  • Vendor
  • Shareholder
  • Minority interest
  • Dissolution of partnership
  • Corporation dissolution
  • Employment Disputes
  • Wage and hour
  • Work place discrimination
  • Work place harassment

Real estate disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Purchase and sale
  • Construction defect
  • Failure to disclose
  • Homeowners association